"Valet Villa is here to provide you with 5-star service and comfort to make each stay remarkable"


  • Coffee & Tea available anytime
  • 24 hrs service on site to serve you better
  • Wi-fi Internet available throughout the entire Villa (upon request)*
  • Let us cater your Shabbos from beginning to the end with the most delicious & tasty meals*
  • Get the Valet Villa Gift Certificate for your loved ones and let them rejuvenate and enjoy for a day, week or shabbos. They will forever be thankful for the greatest gift you’ve given them. Valet Villa!!


  • Fresh new fine linen
  • Fluffy pillows and comforters
  • Quality bath and hand towels
  • Bath soaps and toothpaste
  • Playroom with fully stocked toys to keep your kids busy all day long

* additional fee charges